Happy Tails


Winky came into rescue (cares4pets) with a special condition called eyelid agenesis. It was really painful because his upper eyelid never developed and hair rubbed in my eye all the time. However, we fixed him all up and he now is doing great in his forever home. A message from his forever family: Winky is doing really well...he has been the perfect cat for us so far. He always uses his litterbox and doesn't have any issues with Chuy at all! It's funny because we saw another cat the other day at a friend's house and that cat's eyes actually scared me because they were so HUGE. I'm so used to Winky's eyes now that normal cat eyes look really weird.


We are Buck and Rusty. We love to run and we are always ready to go for a walk especially in the snow. Our favorite food is Iams and Milk bones. We donít have favorite toys because unfortunately we like to eat them!!!!


My name is Barney and I am a boxer mix. My owners were supposed to just foster me as I was a stubborn dog with aggression issues and I was only supposed to be here for a few months. I wasnít even sure if my foster mom liked me. But, guess what?óShe stuck it out and Iím glad because we love each other. My favorite food is when I can get something from my ownerís plate and my favorite toy is my kong fox. Tug of war is my favorite game. I live at the beach and I love to go for walks on the dog beach where I can play with all the other dogs.


I am sweet and flirtatious and I love attention and know how to get it. I love to charm my owner with kittenish mews only to flop, roll, about and show off when I know that my owner is looking. My favorite food is tuna juice!. I love chasing after rope and teasing my adopted brother, Thor. My owners had moths in the house and my favorite time was hunting them which really amused them. I love to curl up with my owner and Thor at night to go to bed.


My buddy Ike is an adorable hound-mix who just turned 6 years old on August 4th. He loves to just lounge around. I was adopted by my ownerís parents but when they became ill, my new owner adopted me I am 2 years old and I love to play. My favorite food would have to be tuna but Ike gets Iams dog food although he would prefer to have people food. I am a picky eater though. Ikeís favorite toy is a stuffed toy shaped like a bone that squeaks. I prefer a boy that I like to chase although I do steal Ikeís toy sometimes and run around with it when heís not looking.


I am a doberman mixed with rhodesian ridgeback. When I was adopted I only weighed 18 lbs. I had long legs and looked like a baby deer but I have now grown into my legs and weigh 70 lbs. I love Nutro large breed rice formula and bacon. My Red Kong stuffed with peanut butter is my favorite toy but I also like fetching sticks. My owners think Iím obsessive over and that I need a shrink.


My name is Rufus and I am a sweet, loving, funny boy with long orange-beige hair. I love all varieties of Science Diet and my anti-hairball treats. I love to attack my cat dangler, especially the attachment with long fluttering strings. I love to wake up my owner by kneading her pillow. At night I love to roughhouse with Isabel, my sister and nap in my ownerís bed.


I am a 3 year old Siberian Husky. I am full of energy but very well behaved. I love playing with other dogs and children. My favorite food is cheese and bacon wrapped together. My favorite place to sit is on our front porch watching cars, squirrels or the neighborhood cats. I have a favorite toy named Junior that looks like a little blue dog just like me.


I was 7 months old when I was found by a Cares4Pets vet student. I had a large abcess on my back where I had been hurt. They cared for me and fostered me for a couple of months until my owners adopted me. I have a brother named KitKat. I have a very loud purr and I love anything to do with water---showers, sinks, bowls, ANYTHING with water!!! My favorite food is Bonito flakes and any kind of wet food. I love anything that rolls, especially wine corks, nail polish bottles and earplugs. My favorite pasttime is to still in the window and stare at birds.


My name is F. Scott Fitzgerald but everyone calls me Fitzy. Iím sweet and cuddly and love to crawl under the covers and nestle close. I love to play with a feather on a stick and sometimes my owner has to take it away or Iíll tear it to bits!!! Sometimes I paw and the walls and furniture and my owner canít figure out why? but Iíll keep that a secret. My favorite treats are Friskies Cheese flavored treats. The funniest thing I do for my owner is to jump in the air and meow loudly.


Hi, I am a Plott hound mix and I am very sweet and shy. I love kids and I loved to go on walks and my owner says I have the softest ears. I am very active and love soft dog treats and my favorite toys are anything I can sneak out of the recycling bin. My owners love to watch me play when they donít think Iím looking.


I am an American Stoffordshire. I was abused, neglected and had a severe case of parvo when my previous owners dropped me off. I now live with my new owners and a large Chocolate Lab. I still have some scary moments when I meet new men but I love living with my new owners. My favorite food is Iams little chunks and crunchy fruits and veggies. My favorite toy is an old towel to play tug of war. My ownerís favorite moment is when they come home from work and Iím so happy to see them.


My nickname is Penny and Iím sweet and easy going. Iím very inquisitive and Iím not afraid of anything, well except dogs!!! My favorite toys are string, hair bands and highlighters. My ownerís favorite moment is when I sit on their shoulders when they do the dishes. My favorite spot is to sit in the window and enjoy the outdoors and communicate with other cats in the neighborhood.


Hi, my name is Simon and when I first came to my new owners I was afraid of everything. Iím not picky about my food and Iím very playful and can turn anything into a toy. My favorite toy is a terry cloth wrist band that I took from my owner. Usually my favorite spot to sleep is in a tote bag.


I came to my newly engaged couple to help them start their own family. I am usually calm and relaxed but when my new parents come home, I do laps around the living room. I usually just bask in the sun and play with my momís scrunchies. My favorite food is Meaty Bones and my favorite toy is my ďmean kittyĒ plush toy. Iím lucky because I get to sleep in bed with my parents. I love to snuggle on the couch between my parents and give them kisses


Iím a cat and I love Iams cat food and Greenies. My favorite toy is a mouse or any type of string that moves. My day consists of eating, sleeping and laying in the sun and just repeating it all over again. One of my favorite moments is when my new parents come home and I just purr and purr to let them know that I love them.


My name is Cooper and my owners think I am a sweet and gentle dog. I love their two year old daughter and I love to cuddle and get scratched all over. I love people food although I donít get as much of it as I like so my next favorite are my crunchy bone treats. My favorite toy is anything with a squeaker in it or a big ball. I love getting a new squeaker toy and ripping the squeaker out so that I can move on to a new one!!!!


My mom calls me a huge snuggly goofball. I love playing with my brother, Charlie, and I just started obedience classes. My favorite food is peanut butter and my favorite toy is anything I can get my paws on. I spend most of my day sleeping and get wait for my mom to get home from work so I can wrestle with my brother and go for walks. My mom is so proud because I mastered ďheelĒ in obedience class.


My name is Leonides and I like to have my picture taken although some times I just canít sit still. I took over my momís king size bed so she brought me my own pillow so I could have my own king size bed. I go to the dog park as much as possible and Iím great at making nervous dogs more comfortable and breaking up scuffles. My momís son calls me ďcrazy sheet monkeyĒ because I love sheets and blankets.


Iím a border collie/herding dog mix. I love to go for long walks and hikes in the city and on my parentsí farm. I also love the beach and try to get to Island Beach State Park as much as I can in the summer. My parents want to put me in herding school since I love the herd all the dogs at the dog park. My favorite toy is this squeaky think with 8 different appendages that all squeak. I wake everyone up with it every morning. I love going to outdoor brunches on the weekend because the waiters always slip me some bacon or whatever other threats they can find.


Iím an 85 lb. Rottweiler and my owner thinks Iím the sweetest dog ever. She says I even set a good example for my sister, Daisy. Iíve taught her lots of tricks and we love playing together. I love all kinds of food but my favorite is spaghetti. I love to play with any kind of ball and Iím trying to master how to get that basketball in my mouth!!!! My ownerís favorite time is when she comes home from work and I do my happy dance and give her a hug.


I was neglected and abused, very shy and looked like I had been through a battle when I first came to my owner. Now I am loving, healthy and happy and living with my sister, Mickey. After living with my new owners for only a week or so, they discovered that I was deaf but that doesnít stop me from barking and jumping when I get excited. Beef jerky is my favorite food and I donít really play with toys but I enjoy chewing on my rawhide bone. My ownerís favorite moment was when I first jumped in the air because I was excited to go for a walk. I had always been so careful and tense when she first got me that she knew I was happy in her home now.


Spencer passed away in July of 2007. When we first adopted him, we only expected him to live for a few months. To our surprise he lived with us for a year and a half and was an amazing dog. He loved to eat almost anything even though he had no teeth (they were almost all removed) His favorite was Ritaís custard and Dairy Queenís vanilla frostees. He didnít really like toys but he loved chasing the laser pointer. The cats thought it was their toy but they were mistaken! Spencer is sadly missed.


Iím a sweet mix breed who had a rough first couple of months in life but I am now very well adjusted and friendly. I like to go on hikes and take naps and I love little kids. My favorite food is Begginí Strips and my favorite toy is my stuffed bear. Hiking in the woods is my favorite pasttime.


I am a rottweiller mix. The color of my coat always attracts attention and I love children, other dogs and cats. I have a sister named Espyn and we usually start the day with her waking me up so we can investigate what our cat, Cuervo is doing. My day is spent walking, playing tug-a-stick and waiting for mom and dad to get home from work so we can start all over again.


My name is Montana and I am a black lab/pointer mix. Iím about 9 years old and I was rescued from a breeder who was going to put me down because I couldnít have puppies any longer. My favorite food is peanut butter and I love any toy that someone else has. I love waking my new mom up and going for walks and snuggling.


We were both adopted about a year apart by the same owners. Kara was really sick and needed a warm and happy home. I am a bundle of energy and love running in our back yard and swimming in our pool. Me and Kara have become really good friends. Kara loves cheese and I love bagels. Karaís favorite toys are her bones and stuffed animals and I love my tennis ball and that annoying laser pointer. Kara loves to sleep, looking out the window and running in the yard while I love chasing my tail, helping to cook, helping to clean and just barking all the time. You gotta love me!!!!


Iím a beagle and my owners think Iím just ďWONDERFIL!!!Ē Kids love me and Iíve become sort of the neighborhood mascot. Kids love to line up after our dinner walk just to rub and pet me, especially my ďcotton ball earsĒ. Iím handsome, polite, fun and just a big love muffin. As soon as my owners brought me home, I jumped up on their ottoman and made myself at home and knew I was going to love it there.


I really had a bad start in life. I was burned and run over by a car and I also had mange and an infection in my eye. My new owner fixed all that by taking me to the vet and I know live with her and my big brother, Hugh. My favorite food is popcorn and scooby snacks and my favorite toys are stuffed animals and sticks. My normal day is just eating breakfast, playing out with my brother, taking naps eating and playing some more. I love to go for walks and bring sticks home. One day I brought one home and it was so big, it wouldnít fit through the door but my owner saved the day by breaking it in half for me.


I am very sweet and I love to snuggle under the covers. I hate to get wet and my best time is playing with my brother, Moose. I love to eat anything and my favorite toys are SHOES!!! My owner knows that I am grateful for being rescued when we snuggle up and I look her in the eye and give her a big sigh!


Iím a toroiseshell cat who is very special. My parents say Iím very vocal with a split personality!!! I love chasing my owner out the front door into the hallway and then throwing myself down on the ground. When Iím not being bad, I just love being affectionate. I am so unpredictable that my owners say that every day is different. I eat, sleep, play with my sister and talk to my owner Ė in no particular order. I donít know why but I still like to dry nurse. I know I can be a challenge but I think my owner likes the fact that Iím so unpredictable.


To sum it all up, Iím just a big baby. I love to snuggle and to be petted at all times. Most of my day is spent looking out the windows and watching the trains go by. I get so excited when I see people but my parents say Iím getting much better at this. I love to swim and I even went swimming in the big waves at Cape Cod during the summer. I love having baths, haircuts and even getting blow-dried!!!! When it snows, I love putting on my boots and finding my Kong in the snow. My most favorite thing is peanut butter in my Kong toy and ďpinchyĒ my red lobster and my frisbee.


I was abused when I was little. My old owner kicked me in the face and I lost an eye. I know have new and loving owners and it took me a long time to trust them. I love Iams dog food and now I like my treats and donít feel like I have to hide them all over the house. I live with three other dogs and we enjoy the run of the house, playing tag in the back yard and taking naps on the sofa. My most favorite time is when Charlie gets home from work and I can snuggle in his arms and get my tummy rubbed.


Iím a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix. I live with 4 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bird. I love almost every kind of food even carrots and apple slices. My most favorite toys are bones. I get up early every day so I can enjoy a walk before my new mommy can go to work. Sleeping, playing and bone chewing are just some of the ways I spend my day.


Iím a West Highland White Terrier. I love people but cats donít like me much because I just want to chase them around. My favorite toys are a rope toy to play tug of ware and a stuffed cat. I spend my time home alone during the day but the evening is full of playing and walks. I love spending my weekends in our country house where we take long walks.


Whatís up? The nameís Hoagie. My Mommy adopted me when I was only Thomas, the little kitty. Iím so glad that Mommy adopted me. I love her so much! Some say that Iím a vicious predator, but Iím just a cool little dude! I have to admit, though, I do have a tendency to rear up like a bull! Oh, and I have a little warning for you: DO NOT interrupt me during one of my 10 hour naps! My favorite food? Dry food. Itís a little basic, but I canít live without it! The laser pen is my favorite toy, no question about it. But I still occasionally dig through my toy box to play with some more Ďíconventionalíí toys, as Mommy says. In the mornings, I love scratching at Mommy and Daddyís door. Once they get up, I eat a scoop of (guess what?)Dry food. After that, I take a nap all afternoon and evening. Around 10 PM, I wake up and flip out. Surprised? Donít be. I meow frantically and run up and down the hallway, begging for the laser pen. A while after that, Mommy gets frustrated and gives me a scoop of Dry food. Heh heh!


Howdy! Nameís Shark. Iím a good Ďole down home breed dog. Live in a farm now, with the horses. Life is good here on the farm, but it wasnít always this way. I used to have some trouble bein without my humans. Pretty scary thing for a dog. Then I found a home here. Now my human mama is always around, working here at home. Dependin on the day, I can spend my time sleeping, or I can hang out with my pa on the farm. Heís a good man, feeds me my favorite food, meat of any kind. I donít like toys, waste a time with some much to do around here on the farm. Especially when my sister, Blossom, has a chance to play with me! Those are the best times, right up there with a good belly rub! Oh, I do have a job of course, gotta pull my weight around here. I am official greeter here at the farm, and I give a warm country welcome to whoever might show up. Next time you come down, give a holler! Maybe you can give me a ride in your car!


Hey, Iím Sam. I am a terrific friend and Iím smart, friendly, and I have my own personality. I just LOVE kids and I am a big athlete. I love to play catch with my tennis ball. Donít forget to give me my delicious dog biscuits that the nice people at the coffee shop give me. You probably want to know what I do daily. So here I go! I wake up around 7 am and start the day off by fetching tennis balls outside while my people drink their coffee. Then, I go for a short walk. Sometimes I go to the ocean and run for hours. I manage not to tear apart my house while my people are at work. I just sit around and wait for them to come home. I take another walk before dinner. I usually fall asleep around 7 pm. I must say that my people were really happy when we move to the country and I get all the exercise I need.


I was adopted on 7/7/07 so hence my name, Seven. I am the first pet for my new owners. They say I do the funniest things every day but I just like being a cat. I love my dry food and my string toy and Iím happy to dive and jump at anything they throw my way. My favorite moment with my owners is when they knit. I am so fascinated by those needles and the yarn.


Hi, my name is Cleo. I am a very lucky boy cat adopted from Cares4Pets. My original name was Missy but then I got my new name from my new family. I am very happy now because my old owner didnít take care of me. I have a brother named Percy who I sleep with and I have a sister named Sasha. My hobbies are: sleeping, playing with my string toys, and eating anything I can get my hands on. I am very happy in my new home and hopefully will stay here forever


Hi, my name is Sashi. I am a girl cat from Cares4Pets and I also have only one eye. My favorite snack is a cheese omelet. My favorite toys are usually catnip mice and string toys. One of my habits is when my owner reads, Iíll jump on her stomach and sleep there!


Hi, my name is Percy. I am a cat who got adopted from the Delaware County S.P.C.A.. I am a special needs cat with one eye. I love to eat especially Friskies, turkey, and cheese savory shreds. Also, I love any toy that has a string and catnip mice. My new family is very kind to me. One of my favorite pet moments is when I kneed on my familyís heads before I go to sleep.


Hi, my name is Lola. I am a girl Boston Terrier around the age of two years old. I had a very tough life, but thanks to Cares4Pets, I was saved from the Kill shelter. I had pneumonia that almost took me away from them. I got over it and now I am a healthy dog who everyday eats, takes long walks and plays with my Kong Ball and other toys until bed. As a healthy dog, I love almost all knids of food but my favorite is broccoli. I had ice cream for my birthday for the first time and it was so yummy. Right here with my family is a doggy paradise!


Hi, my name is Harley. I am one of the few lucky boy dogs adopted in June 2007 from Care4Pets. I was one year-old at the time. Before being adopted I was passed around at least 3 times in my first 9 months. This led me to never really understanding what a forever home was. I am smart, house-trained, love to swim and was very happy when Leo and I played in the snow that one time. As a regular dog, my favorite treats are: biscuits, Beggin Strips and bones. Also, my favorite toys are: bones, tennis balls and some floating toys for the pool. I love my family and my newly adopted dog brothers, Leo and Junior !


Hey, there! My nameís Mac and Iím a twelve year old Akita. Mommy and Daddy adopted me in January 2008. I have three siblings, Balou, Jasper and my kitty cat friend, Eli! Balou and Jasper are great siblings, and amazing candidates for a fun game of tug-of-war! Mommy and Daddy are so special to me. I love them so much! I absolutely ADORE 2 things: Steak, and Eli! Steakís my favorite food and Eliís my favorite toy! We love playing with each other. Every weekday morning, I go for my walk in the park. A while after that, Mommy and Daddy leave home for work. When they come back in the evening, they take me for another walk. Later, I play chase with Balou and Jasper, and hang with Eli. Weekends are pretty much the same, but sometimes we go hiking! When Mommy and Daddy come home from work, I always greet them with a howl(or two)!


Hi my name is Porter, and I am a tiny lovable fellow who loves to curl up in any member of my familyís lap. I am happy the most when I can get my paws on the food my family eats at the dinner table. However, I do believe that my invincible chains could make me a bit happier than food I shouldnít be eating. My day usually consists of this: Waking up with a stretch, doing my business, eating, and relaxing (of course). After my sister leaves, mom and dad put me in my cozy crate for the day. When they get home I come out with love, kisses, and lots of energy to play. After some relaxation it is DINNERTIME!!! After dinner is my long walk with my brother. With all that play, a big yummy dinner, and a long walk I go back into my crate for long night of sweet dreams. My mom and dad love it most when I greet them at the door with love bites and my wagging tail.


Hi my name is Jolene a happy pup who loves snuggling (however I tend to snore sometimes when I fall asleep), being chased in the park, and chasing cats and squirrels myself. One thing that makes me become a ferocious mad barking dog is when the door bell rings. Meat, peanut butter, and almonds are three foods I could live off of. My bones are my favorite toys to play with. My usual day goes something like this: an 8 am wake-up call, an 8:30 brief walk, breakfast at 8:45, play and sleep throughout the day, another longer walk at 7 pm, and finally dinner at 7:30. My mom thinks I am THE CUTEST when I rub my eyes with my front paws.


Yo, Susie is my name, and playing is my game! I may be small, but I have been living large.When I was only a snippet of a whippet, at 14 weeks old, I was adopted to the best family!I am the life of the party, and love to be the star. My favorite times are when the little humanscome to my house, and we can play. They are so funny. I kick my back foot in my face, andgrowl and bark at it, and it keeps them entertained for hours. See, I told you I was a star! I also can play it cool, and walks are my thing. And little blocks of frozen waterÖice cubes I think they call themÖthey rock! The only thing I may like better is a tasty dog bone. But my best pal is Firestorm, my toy dragon. To all you dogs out there, I bark for you that you will get a family as great as mine!


My name is Milo. Iím an extremely playful Shepherd mix. When my owners adopted me I was just a scrawny little pup with paws too big for me. Now that Iím over a year old, Iím back to health and I love to snuggle and say hello and kiss everyone we meet.I love any kind of food mixed with roast beef juice. Yummy!!! I love to chew on expensive leather shoes but when I canít get a hold of any, my favorite toy is my little stuffed monkey that makes noise when you squeeze it.My day consists of going for walks and relaxing. My owner said his favorite moment was when I climbed up on top of him, put my head on his chest and went to sleep just like a father and son would do.


Iím a two year old pit bull named Gus. I am very loving and playful and I seem to bring a smile to everyoneís face because of my great personality. My favorite food is cream cheese and chicken and my favorite toy is Billy the Buffalo. I like to get up early and go for a jog and then rest in my crate until my owners get home again.


I've had a tough little puppy hood, but aside from a few mattes and stains in my fur, you'd never know it cause I act like a true lady. I'm a cool, calm, collected gal and now that I'm out of the woods, I just went to a fabulous home!

UPDATE: See me all dressed up for holidays? My mom loves dressing me up and I'm such a ham in all my pretty bows and ribbons! After coming to Cares4pets feeling like an old lady, I now feel like a puppy princess, thanks to my fabulous mom and dad.


My family tell me all the time that I am a very sweet girl! Though I had a few issues in the beginning, I quickly become one of the family! I am full of energy and very active. I love the Kongs my family gives me! I love to run and play with my pa, Trixie a shitzu! I was so happy the day I went home to my family as they were to have me finally a part of their family!


Hi, Iím Quinten (used to be Stewie) and I wanna tell you about me, Okay? I was hit by a car and I need to get 4 pins in my leg. My owners abandoned me but donít worry, I found better ones. I now have a big brother, Trever. We love to plat, fight run, eat, and sleep together. I LOVE Milk Bones little sausage biscuits, and little scrambled eggs in my breakfast once a week. And you know how dogs have a favorite toy? Well, I just donít have one, I love them all! I always have one in my mouth; they just arenít the same toy. In the morning, I go to my backyard to use the bathroom. Then I eat breakfast and have a walk. Afterwards, I play then take a nice long nap. When I wake up, I walk to the mailbox then I play and sleep again. I eat my 5:00 dinner have a nice long walk and play, play, play! Then I sleep again. Oh, and I almost forgot! I love to ride in the car. It is sooooooo fun!


I am very happy to have found a family that understands me and my special needs. I am quite anxious but my mom and dad figured out what worked best and they reassure me all the time about how much of a good doggie I am! I love to play tug of war on my back with my arms holding it (not the typical way dogs play but my family loves me just the way I am!) I love my mom and only am relaxed enough to eat when she is home with me as I never leave her side! I am a lap dog but they don't realize it just because I am big doesn't mean I don't fit on their laps does it??? Though I still have occasional accidents, I am happy my family understands me! I love to snuggle and go for walks with my mom and dad! I really am a lucky pup!


Rocky has been a wonderful addition to the family. He is beautiful and healthy and has a wonderful, loving disposition. Weíve been working hard to socialize him. Heís always loved meeting kids and other dogs in any situation and now he warms up very quickly to adults of all shapes and sizes. We take him with us just about everywhere and he loves, loves, loves car rides. Heís very motivated by food, so weíve been able to help him get over some of his nervousness with generous application of dog ďcookies.Ē When you ask Rocky if he wants a ďcookieĒ, heíll go sit where they are kept and offer his paw, performing in advance for his reward. We love him and heís our shadow, following us around wherever we go. He loves to play and will bring you his rope or a ball at any moment of the day. He is very affectionate and will snuggle with me in my favorite reading chair and keep my feet warm! Some of his jumps are pretty impressive when he is trying to catch a ball! When we play (kids and all)sometimes we bark and howl together. It is pretty funny.


My name is Fritz and I am an active pup and very loveable. I am very protective of my family who loves me very much. I love to play with stuffed animals. I go for an early walk, then I eat my breakfast and have some playtime with Pepper. Then its naptime! Then I have my lunch and go for a late afternoon walk and some more playtime... Then its dinner time and then sleep! I like to jump the fence and run as fast as I can but then turn right around and run fast to my family!


My name is Pedro and I am a wonderful dog with a sweet personality. I sleep in bed with my ownerís 8 year old daughter every day. My owners say I am full of life and I love everyone. I only eat dry food but love treats of any kind and will dance for everyone to get one. My favorite toy is a brown beaver with one eye and I also love my Kong filled with peanut butter and biscuits. My owners player a game with me that they really like. They say ďIím going to pull your tailĒ and I run around the house with my tail tucked as far as possible so they canít get it. I love playing that game and I love car rides. They tell me Iím a loud snorer though!!


Higgins is an adorable and charming Chihuahua who is so appreciative of having a loving and caring home! He was very skinny and unkempt when we adopted him almost 4 years ago, but now he is well conditioned and handsome! Higgins enjoys naps in the sun and long walks in the park. He prefers to play with large breed dogs and does not seem to recognize that there is a size difference! Higgins has brought us such happiness Ė we cannot believe that he was left to wander the streets before he joined our family. Higgins enjoys his morning stroll in the park, followed by a hearty breakfast, a nap in the sun, mid-afternoon walk in the park with lots of people stopping to admire him, a hearty dinner, more napping, an evening walk in the park, and finally bed time. Higgins receives hugs and kisses throughout the day.


I am a wonderful mixed American Staffordshire and I was rescued from the Katrina hurricane. I love to eat anything but my owners feed me Iams dog food. My most favorite toy is a rawhide chewie. My owners love every moment with me as I am a big lap dog.


My name is Nico (formerly Boston) and things are going great! I am doing good walking on a leash and will jump right into the car now! I love, love my brother, Dexter... I never leave his side! My family is trying to teach me fetch, but I think I know it just fine even though I try to get it from Dexter's mouth! I am trying to get the ball afterall!! I am super sweet and everyone who meets me loves me! And I love them back. I love my forever family!


I am Grover and I am told by my family that I am a great dog! I am so happy to have a family that loves me and treats me great! They say I settled in as if I have always lived there! What can I say, they make me happy! My best friend is my family's son, Sam! We love each other very much!


It has been three months now and Fred just keeps getting cuter and cuter! We had a pillow custody issue - every night he would hog my pillow or sit on my head if I got there first. My solution was to put his dog bed in a matching pillow case. The first night, he ran to it and threw himself on it, challenging me. You should have seen the surprised look on his face when I put my pillow down next to him! It worked - no more pillow problems. UPDATE: I'm so grateful to you all for saving him. Fred does not like it when I go to Scotland to visit my fiance so David has spent more time in the states. This month we took Fred to Cape Cod. He is a great traveler. He went to Martha's Vinyard and Cape Cod National Seashore. He seemed to really enjoy the peddle boats so we decided to take him canoeing when we got back to Pennsylvania. Fred sat in my lap in the front of the boat and navigated the Brandywine Creek for four hours. Despite his cataracts he seemed to notice every bird that flew by. Fred recently decided he didn't like his food anymore so I went in search of a healthy canned food I could add to his kibble. I found Merricks which is all-natural and just happens to have a can called Thanksgiving Dinner. I thought that was appropriate since he was rescued by Cares4Pets on Thanksgiving. He loves it!


Everything is going well! I think Maddie is adjusting nicely, though she still seems a bit anxious and clingy at times. My neighbors tell me she rarely barks or cries when I leave the house now:-) And best of all, my boys and she are getting along just great....my white cat loves to hang out with her and greets her with a head nudge and brushes up against her, all while meow-ing! Maddie simply 'tolerates' his presence, and never shows any aggression. Somehow we all end up watching TV together, or reading in the same room....all the time! She walks so well on the leash, poops and pees so predictably, and is a great eater! She LOVES going to the park, though I think she's not as fond of the many dogs, but she is doing much better when random dogs run up to greet her. And the best moment of all.....I woke up one morning last week to find all 4 of us in the bed together!! (albeit a tight squeeze).


Growing up, my sister and I always had a dog in the house so after we moved, we decided to adopt and went online. I remember the picture and the description. He was looking up at the screen with one eye partially open and that side of his mouth drooping a little more than the other. The ad said he was a senior Pitbull part Mastiff breed and his former owners gave him up because he was walking into walls and falling down a lot and didnít really know what was wrong with him. His name was Romeo and we fell in love. He has been the perfect dog for us. He was already house-trained, he didnít bark, he loved people, and after a couple of weeks was great on a leash. Romeo forgets two things: how big he is and how old he is. Heís at least 12 years old, 85 lbs, and still trips over his own legs when running. Why he thinks he can sit on your lap comfortably, jump a four foot wall, still drink from the little dog bowl, or maintain balance while walking across an 8 inch wide beam is just a few of reasons why we canít picture our lives without him.


Caroline a Black Lab mix. She's small for a lab and people think she is a puppy, not 2-1/2. She is like any other pup Ė except she was born deaf and like so many deaf dogs she has an awful bark She's smart, mellow and loves all people and all dogs. Loves to investigate and smell any and all packages that come into the house. Enjoys chasing the squirrels and rabbits and likes to chase the birds away form the feeders. Jackson and Caroline are great buddies. They get along really well together and never squabble. Jackson likes to sleeps on my bed and when its cool he likes to crawl under the covers and so does Caroline. She enjoys the molecule ball with a couple of small treats, old socks tied in knots, and nyla bones. Both dogs will play tug of war together and both dogs love to play hide & seek. I put them in the office and tell them to wait and I close the door. I hide pieces of kibble in the family room. I leave them out and they go running around smelling and finding the kibble.


I was found on the street and was almost hit by a trolley when I was plucked up and taken to the vet ER. They called me Bob Marley at first because of all of my dread locks and matted hair. I had frostbite on my nose and I was finally named Gizmo because I looked like a gremlin. My favorite food is sweet and sour meatballs and my favorite toy is my kong which I love to dig food out of. I mostly just eat, sleep and go for walks. My new momís favorite moments are when she comes home and I greet her by jumping and stretching out my paws for attention.


Fred and Ginger are wonderful!! They are our big babies, loving to get the love from whomever will give it! Every day, every time we see them we are so tickled, whether we are coming home from work or coming in from getting the mail. My daughter and I still say to each other that we canít believe we have both dogs! Ginger still is the food tracker, and Fred is still the talker. This winter they had so much fun in all the snow! We love them so much!!!


Just wanted to send you a quick note about Riley the puggle. :-) He is doing great! I've pretty much taken him off the methyltestosterone without a problem. He has not had any sort of accident in 4 months, give or take. Thanks again, for everything - he is the most loving, good natured dog & everyone he meets loves him & vice versa. I was very lucky to have adopted him


We just wanted you to know, Ally still is doing great. Today she received a grooming (see attached). Her weight is down to 11lbs.


Nikki is loving the snow! She is doing great!


Took Thumper to my parent's lakehouse for the first time this past weekend - she LOVED it - what a pro!! She also loves the snow!


Elmo had a great Christmas! Met the whole family and even got a few gifts too! He was the best Christmas present EVER!!!!


Poth is making himself at home. He enjoys laying in the sun (hence the sun bathing pic) and he loves attention. He also loves listening to music on the entertainment system :)


This is Kaci & Dani - who we were lucky enough to adopt through cares4pets. They are such a great addition to our house. Playful & loving, and always eager to please!! Thank you for matching us up with such wonderful girls!!!


This was Henry when he came into rescue (the first pic) and NOW look at me (the second pic of course). Henry is doing so well and is loved very much!


Evie enjoying Pennypack Park!


My story starts back in October 2006. Our world was turned upside down when our beloved dog Murphy was diagnosed with bladder cancer and could not be treated and was put to sleep. Heartboken,i started the search for our new "Baby". It was there on Petfinders that i found this sweet face which is now my baby Casey. I read her sad story of being on the streets of Philadelphia only 9 months old and how nervous she was to be at the pound ,so the Philadelphia Humane Society asked Cares4 Pets if they could take her . We looked for days at other websites, but there was something about those big brown eyes that just melted my heart. We set up the appointment to see "Regan" (that was her name - it means Queen and a Queen she is ). She was living in a dorm room with Casey Lynch one of the volunteers for Cares 4 Pets .She had a Kitten and Cat as well..When I saw "Regan" playing with the kitten and how she would follow it around only to be smacked constantly in the face , she would ju st sit there with a confused look we knew immediately we wanted her. We were interviewed and 2 days later we received the call that she was ours pending a home inspection.We picked up Casey on October 7th,2006. We changed her name to her "Foster Mom" Casey Lynch. Now she is the QUEEN of the house (hmmm..maybe i will change her name back to Regan). She is my " BABY"


We were fortunate enough to adopt Jack from Cares4Pets a little over a year ago. Cares4Pets truly is a great group of folks who really guided us through the adoption process, as Jack was our first rescue, and helped us to welcome Jack into our home. Now, Jack's doing great! He recently completed his Canine Good Citizen exam after progressing all the way though Advanced doggie classes. He's the absolute love of our lives and we don't know how we ever managed to survive without him! He's even made his pilot's wings as our favorite co-pilot and loves to take leisurely rides in the plane! He's such a loving and intelligent little guy, which makes the thought of him shivering and mistreated in that horrendous Lancaster Puppy Mill all the more difficult to imagine... But thanks to Cares4Pets, he's in a warm, safe, and forever home with a family that couldn't love him more! And we're so thankful to have him!!! Thank you, Cares4Pets, for giving us our Jack...


Just wanted to say thanks for pulling Joe out of the shelter so he could find his way to us. It's been about a month now, and he's fully settled in and doing great. My daughter was thrilled with the news as well when I told her I found the perfect dog for us, and he's been just that since day one. He loves to take walks , has a favorite ball that he could chase all day, and although he started out on the floor, now sleeps at my feet on the sofa while I watch tv before heading up for the night. We're all looking forward to enjoying a nice long life together. :)