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Pet Adoption

How Can I Help?

How to be a foster home:

Please contact us and give us more information about what you are looking for in a foster pet and your living situation. We need to know where you live and what family members/roommates share your home. Also knowing your pet history (breeds, length of ownership, where they came from, etc) and if you currently have any pets helps us match our dogs and cats in need to you. Please consider how long you're willing to commit to a foster pet, what type/breeds you're interested in helping, and if you can take care of any special needs pets (medical cases or behavior cases such as very shy, need training, etc.) After this we will introduce you to some potentially good matches and you will be processed as an adoptive home (see "what is your adoption process" in the F.A.Q. section) because all of our foster homes have the option of adopting their foster pet if they wish. You will sign a foster contract at the time you take on a pet.

How you can donate to Cares4Pets:

Donations to Cares4Pets are tax deductible! In the spring of 2008 we received our 501c3 nonprofit status - please contact us for more information. You may donate to our paypal account buy clicking on the DONATE button on the left side of your screen or mail checks made out to "Cares4Pets" to us (contact us for an address).

We area also always in need of supplies, which are also tax deductible, even if they have been used!
  • Dog and cat food
  • Crates, pens or carriers (especially for medium/large dogs)
  • Cat traps
  • Bowls, leashes, collars
  • Towels and blankets
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Grooming supplies- shampoos, clippers, etc.
Please contact us to arrange for pickup or drop off.

How you can sponsor our website:

It costs money to design, host and manage this website. - and you can help! By making a donation towards helping sponsor our website, your name will be listed on our home page for a year (donations are tax deductible):
  • Bronze $25
  • Silver $50
  • Gold $100
Please contact us for more information.

How you can walk, bathe, groom or photograph our animals to help:

We can always use help! Just contact us for our specific needs at the time you're interested in helping.

How you can become a part of Cares4Pets:

We can always use more help with our activities and events including:
  • screening homes (meet and greets and home visits)
  • paperwork - adoptions, tax returns/accounting, grant applications, etc.
  • transporting animals
  • planning and staffing adoption events and fundraisers