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The Cares4Pets Story

Cares4Pets started as a small-scale rescue group a few years ago when veterinary students in Philadelphia recognized a need for animal rescue in the Philadelphia area. Initially, the students used Cares4Pets internally- to find homes for dogs and cats within the veterinary school and hospital community. However, as more and more people came to them with animals in need of homes, they decided to make Cares4Pets more than just a school-wide club. In the fall of 2005, Cares4Pets became an independent Philadelphia rescue group that adopts animals out across the Philadelphia area. In our first year, we have placed over 50 animals in their forever homes.

The Cares4Pets mission is four-fold:

C caring
A adoption
R rehabilitation
E education

CARING Each animal that is accepted into the Cares4Pets adoption program is placed in a loving foster home that agrees to treat that animal as one of their own until a permanent home can be found. Cares4Pets makes a commitment to every animal that enters their adoption program- they will remain in a caring foster home until a phenomenal home is found, no matter what.

ADOPTION Of course, foster care is never the end goal for our critters. We take our adoptions very seriously, always striving to not only find a good home, but the best home for all of our animals. We try to find the best match for each of our adoptees, as well as our adopters. After placement, we remain available to the new adoptive home for the life of that animal, and will assist with behavioral or health issues as they arise.

REHABILITATION We are committed to try to help harder to place animals, critters that need medical or behavioral rehabilitation before they can be placed in homes. We feel it is important to recognize that these animals can be rehabilitated and go on to live long, fruitful, loving lives. We recognize that time is a huge factor for these animals and that many other rescue groups and city shelters do not have the luxury of a foster care system that will devote that time to rehabilitating these animals. To learn more about some of our successes with these animals, take a look at our Rehabilitation Stories page.

EDUCATION At Cares4Pets, we’re aware that nothing changes without education. We feel very strongly that education about pet ownership and finding the right match when adopting a new pet will help keep animals in their original homes. We strive to educate the community and our adoptive families on proper animal care, and always are available to answer questions about our animals or just pet ownership in general.